What does this mean?


The status of a chartered life underwriter, or CLU is granted in recognition of persons who undergo a detailed training program that is concerned primarily with life insurance in general, and personal insurance planning in particular. The actual granting of the status is conducted under the auspices of the American College in Bryn Mawr, with the College setting the standards that are necessary for qualification. Applicants undergo a careful scrutiny and must fulfill all requirements before achieving the designation.

Chartered life underwriters often will already possess degrees from accredited universities that have to do with various aspects of finances in general. In addition, CLUs tend to have successfully worked in positions that involve a great deal of financial expertise. Because the completed courses that are necessary to become a chartered life underwriter are comprehensive in nature, the CLU will have expertise in all sorts of aspects of estate and financial planning, financial management, general economics, employee benefit package structuring, and corporation tax protocols. (Wise Geek)


"The LUTCF designation is jointly conferred by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and The American College. The LUTCF designation represents accomplishment and professionalism, helping [life insurance professionals] to establish strong and lasting client relationships. Since its inception, the LUTCF designation has been awarded to more than 63,000 individuals--including designees who earned it since the College assumed ownership of the designation curriculum from the Life Underwriters Training Council." (The American College)